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Patrick Haywood, Director Of Mantus Learning, Shares Four Tips On How To Balance Work-Life In A Remo

A good work/life balance is a state of equilibrium of both our professional life and personal life. As simple as that sounds, it can be very difficult to achieve in today’s world. With the pandemic, lockdowns, and business closures forcing more and more employees to work from home, there has been an increase in internet searches on the topic of balancing work and life.

A good balance can help prevent burnout and improve your overall productivity in the workplace and when working from home. Although our professional career helps us meet our family’s basic needs, it doesn’t always achieve creativity and self-actualisation. Fortunately, Patrick Haywood, the Director of Mantus Learning, is going to share some helpful tips which can make balancing work and life easier than ever.

4 Tips On How To Balance Work-Life In A Remote Pandemic Environment

Maintain Office Hours- the most important step to achieving balance is to keep normal office hours. Start working at 9AM and end it at 5PM, if it’s your normal workhours at the office. Maintain good productivity and avoid anything that can side-track you. If you procrastinate, you may need to work overtime and end your work late at night, which makes it impossible to achieve balance in life.

Assign A Dedicated Workspace- when working from home, you should separate your professional life and personal life with a dedicated workspace. During work hours, you need to focus completely on work-related matters and focus on personal matters later in the day. If possible, you shouldn’t use your personal laptop or PC, because it can be filled with potential distractions.

Prioritise- a successful work-life balance is only possible when you prioritise your daily tasks. Without a plan, you will eventually fall into an endless cycle of random activities that will allow you to get things done but keep you from your goal. You should know what to do and achieve each day. Make sure that you are being realistic with your goals because an overly ambitious plan could cause you to become overworked and stressed.

Manage Distractions- when working from home, there are many constant distractions that cause us to procrastinate and quickly lose our productivity. Self-discipline is the key to being able to work from home both effectively and efficiently and it requires a strong will to remain consistent and focused during your workday.

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