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Hybrid / Blended Working – How To Make The Most Of Work From Home & Work From Office With Your Team?

Remote working and work from home arrangements are here to stay. Today, millions would have realised that they can continue working from home while still being productive. Many offices have modified their internal layouts to maintain safe physical distancing, but this means that workplaces can accommodate fewer people at any given time. Because some employees are willing to remain at home, businesses should start to embrace the hybrid/blending working strategy.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways to make the most of the new trend in business operations:

Schedule Face-To-Face Meetings- it is a fact that direct interaction is irreplaceable, especially when team members need to discuss very important issues. The team should schedule bi-weekly or monthly meetings where everyone can meet and discuss projects in person. This is a good approach to maintain productivity and tight social interactions.

Ensure Effective Video Meetings- despite careful planning, sometimes video meetings don’t go as well as we would hope. Current popular platforms are Zoom, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Slack, and FaceTime. Business professionals should choose the best technology for their operations. Although Zoom is the most popular at the moment, other platforms can be more suitable for your business.

Maintain Collaboration- collaboration is crucial for teamwork and it is now easier to achieve with cloud technology. Team members can share documents with DropBox. To collaborate on written work, timelines and call notes, Google Drive is an acceptable solution. Daylite is a good project management platform to ensure everyone can collaborate smoothly.

Set Sensible Goals- everyone on the team should know what’s being expected of them. Setting clear and attainable goals will increase productivity and eliminate confusion. If tasks and roles are assigned clearly, team members can work separately to focus on their delegated assignments.

Be Flexible- despite the best planning and careful execution, unexpected situations can happen. If something occurs and it’s beyond the scope of the plan, flexibility is essential. After making some alterations to the plan, the team can continue moving forward and achieve progress. In a highly dynamic industry, flexibility is a main requirement to keep productivity high.

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