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How Can Parents Achieve Better Work-life Balance in the New Normal?

As we all learn how to adapt to the new normal and operate during the whole pandemic period, most of us have had to transition into working from home rather than the office workplace. Remote work comes up with different challenges, including avoiding distractions, headspace, and maintaining productivity levels. However, for the workers with kids, there are some additional challenges to face.

According to the Office of National Statistics report, every 3 out of 4 mothers with dependent kids in the United Kingdom were in work from April to July 2019. It shows the high percentage and ratio of women who face significant challenges in 2020 – in schooling, employment, and child’s daycare. However, working mothers are not only affected but also fathers to attain the perfect work-life balance. So, learning to balance work from home and childcare is essential and challenging too if, prior to the COVID’19, these parents were primarily operating from offices.

Although it might do not seem to be an easy task to adapt to this new work-life balance, it is certainly attainable, and this article will exactly help you achieve that. So, let’s have a look at some of the most influential factors to achieve better work-life balance:

Maintain Open Communication With Your Managers

A leadership team within a business has the responsibility and a duty to care for all the team members, so although it could be difficult to raise any kind of personal struggles and challenges, they are the best people to turn to for help. During this challenging pandemic period, we need to understand the fact that every other parent, whether mother or father is facing the same work-life balance issues as you are, given the unsettling changes to remote working and schools. As we all learn to adapt to this new normal and balance lockdown restrictions with continuously trying to restart regular daily activities and any kind of work-life balance struggles could be highly intensified. The whole pandemic has presented several new challenges for the working parents who are trying to balance their home-schooling and jobs, but managing their kids now when they have returned to the schools can create new pressures and responsibilities, such as ensuring kids are happy and also safe away from their homes.

Make Sure Face-To-Face Time Is Continued

Working in an office provides us an opportunity to spend regular face-to-face time with our colleagues, which ultimately many of us may have already previously taken for granted and may also found an unusual change since working from home – right? Although we all have found some alternative communication methods, including Zoom video calls, it is still a key for you to have daily communication between you, your team, and your line manager to ensure to-do lists are properly managed. This is how you can help avoid to-do list tasks and pressure piling up that ultimately end up having a knock-on effect on your working capacity and productivity and disrupt a positive work-life balance.

Create Boundaries To Separate Home & Work

With both personal and work downtime taking place under the one roof for most of us today, boundaries must be put in the perfect place to make sure that we can fully switch off at the end of the working day. Most of the workers were previously able to leave any work stresses in workplaces at the end of the day, but this is something not easy when work is now only a room. Also, if you do not handle it properly, it becomes far easier for the work challenges and stresses to have a knock-on effect on our daily personal lives.

Mantus Learning!

Are you looking for experts to help you adapt new remote work-life balance with your children so you can be more productive and manageable? If so, let’s connect with Mantus Learning, a leading coaching and training center that strives to develop vision, mission, and strategic planning for SMEs, career coaching, and coaching for the working parents, including mums and dads. So, let’s talk now!

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