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Executive Personal Coaching

All of our coaching is now delivered via Zoom or MS Teams

We work one to one with individuals from the private and public sector. Our particular areas for coaching centre around:

  1. Developing your Vision, Mission and Strategy planning for SME's (usually 70+ staff)

  2. Career coaching - finding your next move / defining how you want your career to look

  3. Coaching for Working Dads - balancing your work commitments and home wants

  4. Coaching for Working Mums

  5. Coaching for new Managers - structured coaching over 4-8 sessions on the skills, role and challenges of the new manager

  6. Moving from Manager to Senior executive - strategic planning coaching

  • Coaching sessions are usually 75-90 minutes long and arranged in sets of four sessions

  • All our coaches are accredited with ICF Certified organisations

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