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Intuitive and user friendly tool for perfecting teams


Real Time Sociomapping (RTS) software has been designed to provide your organization with a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can boost the performance of your teams. It’s been tailored for consultants, facilitators and trained HR specialists. In just a few clicks, wecan get a team session underway and moments later have all the answers transformed into a SOCIOMAP - an accurate and easy to understand map of relations.





























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It’s like a puzzle already put together. Sociomapping helps your team to look underneath the layers of professional relationships and uncover things that would remain invisible or puzzling had a standard method been used. It also gives every team member a possibility to instantly see where there is room for improvement or what changes need to be made. Because the map makes communication patterns literally resurface right in front of everyone's eyes it facilitates immediate team discussion, makes the analytic process extremely fast and promotes collective problem solving.














How was  Sociomapping developed?

















Elaborating on the fact that human brains have an amazing capacity for understanding complex three dimensional images, R. Bahbouh developed the original sociomapping concept (1996) that was used for numerous spaceflight and military experiments with the objective to predict and prevent potential team failures.

As the method proved successful we started using sociomapping as a development tool for high performing management teams. Having gathered plenty of data and feedback, we refined it to its current state-of-the-art level. In 2012, Sociomap was awarded the Innovation Award for its significant contribution to the field of sociodiagnostics at the 24th IIAS International Conference.




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