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Core Skills Courses

Bullet Journal
Time Management - for anyone who wants to be less stressed and more productive

A (surprisingly!) fun course that Includes: Weekly and Daily Planning, Using Outlook Calendar, Planning Projects, the To Do List as a proactive Daily Agenda, Prioritising using Urgency and Importance, Dealing with Interruptions, getting rid of Procrastination, running effective meetings and Saying no!

Team Meeting
First steps in Managing People - for those just moving into a management role

A One Day quick introduction that Includes: The Role of the Manager, Analogies from Sport, Situational Management and the Competence Model, Setting Goals and Objectives, Principles of Motivation, Delegation & Empowerment, Management Communication, Understand Communication Needs and Management Styles (using PRISM Brain Mapping)

Assertiveness Training - one day course for people who have to deal with internal & external stakeholders, assertively
Business Meeting
Managing Performance - for managers who want to be more comfortable with the skills of "having the difficult conversation"
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